At we make ordering the perfect cake for your upcoming celebration simple, quick and secure. Before we go into detail of why FindTheCake is the best way to order your cakes let’s summarise:

  • Your able to the compare talent, price and all cake designs of the quality bakers around you.
  • The cakes you see in your search results are available to order now. No time wasting querying whether a baker is able to meet your timescale.
  • Request a bespoke cake for your occasion
  • Accurate and fair reviews give an incentive for the baker to supply a quality service
  • Peace of mind that your payments are secure and you have our support available
  • Order updates, we make it easy for bakers to send you SMS and email updates
  • We promote dedicated and talented bakers to ensure you get the best result

While buying and selling cakes ourselves the most common complaint was the difficulty finding the perfect cake. You may have found a good baker for the cake you’d like but they’re booked up and you don’t know whether you’re getting a good price.

FindTheCake is the perfect solution to this, you can simply search for the cake you’d like in the location you need it and you’ll see all the local cakes around you that are available for order. You’ll see all the bakers in your area and will be able to compare talent, price and reviews.

Order Updates

As a baker there isn’t usually enough time in the day be calling all outstanding customers with an order update. That’s why we made a simple system for the baker to fill in one box to send a text or email update, this now makes it possible for the baker to quickly and easily inform you of the status of your cake, giving you peace of mind.

Messaging is simple through FindTheCake, you can directly message your baker from your profile.

Secure Service

When creating a high profile website, security is key. From day one of development high security has been in mind with no exception. Your data will be secure as well as your payments.

Passionate Bakers

We promote bakers that give attention to detail, active on FindTheCake and who are passionate about the cakes they create.

A picture of each completed cake is submitted for each order. Not only does this confirm that the cake has been completed but we can assess each finished cake and use this for promotions and disputes.

Compare Price, Talent and Reputation

Nowhere else can you easily compare the price and talent of the bakers around you. You could’ve been missing out on some talented cakes for years!

Easily flick through the images of the cakes that are available to you, order and compare the bakers all on one site!

Reviews are closely monitored by us, they’re a fair and accurate representation of each baker because of this. Many sites recently have been accused of bias reviews from companies offers free items for reviews or accepting reviews when there’s no order. Neither of these are a possibility on FindTheCake, bakers cannot refund customers only us after a dispute and only users that have paid for a cake can submit a review.

This makes reputation accurate for customers and fair for all bakers.

Backed by FindTheCake

When ordering through our site you get our support. You can be confident that the cake you order is the cake you receive, any dispute is resolved fairly and your details are 100% secure.

Bakers have the incentive to provide an outstanding service for continued promotion on FTC and a glowing reputation. All feedback is monitored and directly impacts the ongoing promotion to each baker.

If ever you have a dispute about a baker you can contact FTC.