So you enjoy baking and love sweet treats and would like to earn more from your passion. is the perfect place for you and here we will guide you on earning some extra cash from your baking..

Already a baker or know the basics? Skip ahead here.

Practice, practice, practice. First and foremost perfect your sponge, whether you make it all from scratch or use a mix have a go with at least 3 different recipes and mixes available to you, pick which one is best, I’m sure friends and family will be happy to do some taste testing!

Now decide what your going to sell. There is a huge library of cakes out there and we don’t recommend to start with wedding cakes. Start small and work up, but keep to what you like and what you’d like to have yourself.

Search on to see what’s on offer currently to get ideas flowing. Now try and make it yourself and maybe even offer to a friend, if your stuck at any stage there are many helpful guides and videos upcoming on FindTheCake and the rest of the internet, everyone struggles at some point!

Skills to learn when starting are; getting smooth finishes around cakes, piping techniques and using fondant icing. These are the basics of cake decorating and where everyone starts get these right and you’re halfway there.


Luckily with a profile set up is free and you don’t need to have an expensive store, market stall or your own website competing in a mass of the internet.

Your only cost will be a 10% commission from each sale on free accounts, so you only pay when you’ve made a sale, no monthly fee or ongoing costs for a free membership and no listing or payment fees. So work out the cost per product taking into account all costs mainly ingredients and time spent.


Business name – Keep it short, personal and clear. Check that your name isn’t already taken on FindTheCake so it can be clear without using numbers. “/ElleCakes” is better than “/CakesByElle123” for your baker link.

Logo – Most will not be able to create their own digital logo, we recommend searching on to contact a designer to create a low cost, simple logo. Make sure you get something unique and consider a slogan to along with it.

Food hygiene – We require bakers to have at least level 2 hygiene certificate. This is easy to do online and will not take long. For £20 or less you will receive an official certification that you have completed hygiene level 2 and will be able to work with food professionally as well as sell on

Add products

By now you have a few ideas of the cakes you can make or have cakes that you already sell.

Pick one to bake and take pictures for your first product online! Ensure that its a cake you can reproduce to the same standard each time. are reaching out to prospective customers all the time. Make sure your products and profile stands out in customer’s searches. Here’s a few tips:

Good product images – Luckily most smartphones are good enough right now. Use natural lighting and a plain background to make your cake stand out and take snaps from multiple angles. If you can, add a watermark to prevent copies. Avoid third-party apps such as snapchat as the image quality can be reduced, take pictures from your phone’s camera app and then edit after if you wish. You will be able to upload 3 product images per product.

Your Title – Make it precise and exciting. “Dog cake for boys” isn’t very specific and doesn’t get people excited. A better example would be “2 Tier Paw Patrol Inspired Birthday Cake for Kids” from this we know the style, 2 tier, the occasion, birthday, and a specific theme. When writing a title think what’s it for? The style and what’s an important feature of the cake.

Category and shape – Very important, customers will be able to use these options as filters in search results. Make sure you select the options that are closest to your cake.

Description – Be clear and concise. You don’t need to write an essay here but tell the customer what they will be expecting, what they can change and if there are any limitations. Following on from the same example above we could write the following description.

“A stunning 2-tier Paw Patrol inspired birthday cake, perfect for young fans! With your own birthday message on the board (Happy xth Birthday) and name in the bone. Number and model topper are optional extras.

Example is made with 10” chocolate cake and an 8” vanilla cake with topper, 8” and 6” cakes are the small size. Can be made in a blue or pink theme for boys or girls.”

This example is clear enough to explain exactly what the customer is getting. The toppers are shown but are extras, the name on the picture is “…” but they can have their own name. While the options will be available to select the size it is good practice to also mention in the description to avoid any confusion.

Then submit. Once submitted your cake will be live on and people will be able to view and purchase online within seconds. Very exciting!

Firstly let’s look into how cake searches work.

A customer we see results of cakes for delivery and collection unless they choose a filter. The customer can submit a distance they will be prepared to collect. If you’re selling for collection and fall within the customer’s distance you will appear in search results. For deliveries, if baker’s delivery radius covers the customer’s location you too will appear in search results.

Cakes must be made as the product images would suggest. We require a photo of the completed cake to confirm that the order has been processed.

Cakes Orders for Collection
Once you’ve accepted an order you will be notified of a date to finish the cake by, this will be on or after your entered turnaround time. You’ll be able to message your customer and organise a time on the day of collection and the customer will be given your address. We recommend that collection is organised via the FindTheCake messaging system in case there are any discrepancies.

Cakes must be ready by the agreed time, if there are any delays ensure you keep the customer informed as soon as possible and do so via so there is evidence of notification.

How to Deliver Celebration Cakes
A delivery service is not essential but will open you up to many more customers so we recommend to offer cake delivery but only if you can.

99% of cakes should be delivered by hand. On your FindTheCake baker profile you will be able to submit a delivery radius that you will be able to cover and set a delivery fee, keep both practical.

A delivered cake must be received in the exact condition that the customer would collect in.

Most cakes are fine to deliver by hand. But for more elaborate cakes, with multiple tiers or with big toppers may take a little more planning. In our own bakery we will often bake and decorate each tier, box separately and assemble at the venue, when doing this make sure you arrive early and that the customer is aware so that everyone but the organiser sees the cake in its final form.

Sell More Cakes Online

You have an online cake shop, now you need customers. Let’s get started with posting your products online, make good descriptions and images, consider being featured (more on that later) and get some good old word of mouth, share your profile on your social media and send to friends and family.

Already got a website? Great, set a link to your profile at If you haven’t, don’t worry, create social media pages for your business and linking to your FindTheCake profile from there will also improve your views.

To get more views on searches, add more cakes that cover a larger audience. Adding more cakes to your profile means more views overall, use this to your benefit and add new cakes as you get requested for new trends.

As mentioned previously, offering delivery expands your reach to further away customers or generally customers who don’t want to collect. Adding this as an option will open you up to more customers, but you will have to consider the effort of delivery before accepting those orders.


You tweak each cake as if it were your own so why not get recognised for it? Following a cake order your customer will be asked to review their purchase.

Treat your customers well and they will return the favour. Your reviews will make you stand out from the rest.

Have a dispute? Keep communication through and we will ensure that all reviews are accurate and fair. As bakers ourselves we understand that last minute changes are not always easily met and we make the ordering process as simple as possible for both the baker and the customers make all orders clear as possible. We have the ability to remove reviews and will do so only if a review is identified as not fair or accurate.

We work to keep reviews on genuine and a good representation. is the first baker dedicated review service.

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