Ordering a wedding cake can be a difficult process it’s your big day and you need it to go perfectly. A wedding cake can be the showstopper of the occasion, we’ll help you achieve that with this guide.

Don’t arrange your cake first

The best wedding cakes will compliment your overall design. You could look for a cake to match your flower arrangements, venue and menu as well as your colour scheme and dress.

To make the best decision you’ll want these features decided already and potentially have samples to show your baker.

Keep in mind your budget

It’s easy to go crazy with the choices. Multiple flavours, fillings and decorations may sound good but is it really necessary? Keep your budget in mind and notice what features affect it the most. Handmade flowers and sculptures will be costly as well as the adventurous flavours. On FindTheCake you can look through the cakes available to see what affects the prices.

If you’d like a tall cake consider whether you need all that sponge, faux layers are great for cutting costs, reduces weight and no one will ever know!

We recommend to start by searching on FindTheCake for the themes that you like to get an idea of the going rate.

Choose Your Style

Your style is important and is mostly why we suggest the cake to be one of the last things you tick off your list. Ensure you pick a wedding cake that suits your other decorations. In a traditional. grand room we’d recommend a traditional cake about 3 or 4 tiers to match its setting.

If you’re going for something different that’s great, on FindTheCake there’s a massive range of unique wedding cakes, from wood and marble looks to alice in wonderland and Trolls. Plus, with a bespoke request you can pick the baker that you like the work of and make your dream a reality.

If you’re having a bespoke cake made a good recommendation is to compliment the bride’s dress with the styling of the cake as shown below.

Choose Cake Flavours

Just one more to the list, the flavour of your cake. Many couples are choosing crazy combinations and if you’d like to that’s great but play it safe and keep one tier a traditional vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream, this is a solid choice that will be the go to of guests to don’t want infused flavours. Also consider the time of year, a lemon sponge is a great choice for a summer’s day and who doesn’t want chocolate all year round?

Collection or Delivery?

Many customers want to collect their cakes to be the first to see the creation but do you really want to risk taking the cake from store to home, to venue? We recommend to have your wedding cakes delivered and in some most cases assembled at the venue. This will be organised by your baker. It takes the stress away from the couple and the baker, knowing that the cake is secure and set up correctly..