So you have a cake shop/stand or even bake from home.

Now how do you get more customers?

You need to sell cakes online, it’s where your customers are and where they’re looking to buy. That’s where comes in, we make getting your cakes online simple and easy.

Let’s start with your profile…

Setting up your cake shop [2 Minutes]

Customers like to know who will be making their cake for their next big occasion. 88% of online consumers check the seller before making a purchase. So you need a good front page.

Luckily makes it easy to create a beautiful store, you just need a logo and a description about who you are and what you offer.

Now, what do you write? Quality, not quantity, be concise when getting your message across, people don’t have the time to read an essay when making a purchase decision but “Cake decorator in Nottingham” as your bio is just plain boring and doesn’t offer anything.

Customers love to know your story, be honest and give yourself some credit:

Mention how and when you started, your inspiration, your favourites and what makes you special. Maybe even add a personal touch and mention what you like to do when not baking.

Job done. Now onto the fun part!

Bake your cake banner

Bake Your Cake

Because we all love baking and you need some pictures.

Make the cake exactly how your next customer will receive it.

As you’re decorating your cake think about who it’s for, for what occasion and decorate accordingly.

Moving on…

Cakes listings banner

Listing Your Cakes On [5 Minutes]

You could say the listing is the most important stage of all. You’ve done the hard work, baking, now someone has clicked your image to buy, great!

Now let’s give them everything you’ve got:

If you prefer to watch rather than read, take a look at our YouTube video below.

Your Cake Description

Let’s start with your cake’s description, keep it concise, say what’s great about your cake and who it’s perfect for. Here’s an example:

cake listing example

“Stunning double-layered farmyard cake for young children with animal models. Add age to the shed and your message on the board. Bright colours and figures included. Available in 2 sizes.”

On your listing, you will be able to offer different sizes. Offer only what you are able to produce within the production time you give.

For cake servings, we have a portion calculator under useful tools in your baker’s dashboard.


An important factor, you will be able to select dietary requirements to categorise your cake such as gluten free, egg free and no restrictions. We don’t ask for the full ingredients list to begin with for good reason so this saves a lot of time.

Your customer can select different flavours and fillings so in order to receive an accurate ingredients list they will be able to request the information before they purchase.

You should have your ingredient information available but you do not have to enter this into each and every cake listing that you create.

Your Cake Category, Shape and Turnaround Time

You will also be asked to provide your category and shape and these need to be accurate as they will affect where your cake will be displayed.

By default, the customer will see all the cakes in the search area. However, the customer will be able to filter the results to find the cake they want, for example, if they’re looking for a square birthday cake they filter the cake results by shape.

Turnaround time is important, offer the best time you can do in practice. Your customer will not be able to order a cake before this period of time. A customer will be able to filter their results by cakes available is their required turnaround time.

Collection, Delivery and Personalisation

Collection – On accepting an order you will receive the date that it is required by, this will be on or after your turnaround time so there should be no issues. Your customer, closer to the time, will receive your address for collection at this point you will not be able to cancel or amend the order and you will be notified.

Delivery – When you go to accept an order you’ll receive the date required as well as their address soon after for you to deliver to.

Personalisation – This allows the customer to enter some text and/or numbers in a box that you will receive on the order. Your description should advise what is able to be personalised to give an idea of what the customer can enter here.

Your Cake Size

You can offer up to three different sizes, on selecting one of them you will see 2 boxes appear for your input. Price and description of size.

For example, your small size could be offered at £35 and the description is ‘8” cake’.

The lowest priced size will be shown on the search result and the customer will be able to see the prices and choose which one they’d like to order in a simple dropdown box.

Dietary Requirements

You can select the dietary requirements you offer such as gluten free, egg free and no restrictions. We don’t ask for the full ingredients list to begin with as the customer can customise their cake, you should have this information ready to supply to a customer.

Cake Tiers and Flavours

Firstly you select how many tiers are available on your cake listing and add any additional costs as this will affect how many tiers you can customise. If you offer only one option just tick the one that’s available.

Following that select, label and price each available flavoured sponge and fillings for your cake. You will be able to see tabs above filling options if you’ve selected more than one tier, you will have to fill out the available flavours for each tier.

These options are what will be available for purchase on your cake’s listing. Only select what you offer and be reasonable on additional charges.

Now you need cake pics…

Tips for taking stunning Cake Pictures

Unfortunately, many bakers let themselves down at this stage.

Remember, your product image is the first thing customers see before they buy. Don’t make a beautiful cake and let it down with a blurry or darkened image.

Smartphones are good enough for product pictures these days.

Take photos of your cake in natural, bright light with a clear background for a neat picture of your cake. Try to avoid shadows. If your tech savvy, change the background of the image to something relevant or complementary to the design. For example, we made a tank cake and added a camo background watermarks are also recommended.

If your images stand out in the FindTheCake searches, more people will see your cake. Simple.

One important thing to remember:

Unlike other products online customers are not comparing price, their buying decisions are made based on talent and reputation too!

Show your talent well with the best images you can take.

DON’T copy other images, not only is it against the rules on but product images should be a reflection of what you create and what your customer will receive.

After Sale

Loyal customers are the best, they’re happy with your service and they come back for more without thinking about anywhere else. Most importantly they’re likely to recommend you to friends.

Sounds easy right? Well, not quite…

We need to earn your customer loyalty first. Firstly and most importantly your cake needs to meet exactly what is expected, at the very least, for this double check that all your descriptions are correct and meets the cake you will create.

All things going well, you bake and decorate the cake and your customer goes away happy.

Providing that they ordered through FindTheCake, a few days later they will receive an automated review request, this will be decorated in your store’s theme and look beautiful. From here your happy customer will send their review, you can read and reply, thank them for their order, step one done.

Now, most people don’t need decorated cakes each week but do remember where they got the last one from which everyone was amazed by.

Do you get what we’re saying?…

Luckily this is something else FindTheCake will do for you! Providing the customer left a positive review of your cake they will receive a reminder email 6 and 12 months later (providing they haven’t purchased within that time) this will show your profile and what’s been updated in that time.

You’re done! You now know the best practice for starting to selling cakes on luckily when selling through listing a cake is free, there are no online payment fees and you can set up your profile for free! The first 3 months after our full site launch will be free, following that there is a small commission on sales of 10% but no other fees whatsoever.