After a stressful time selling cakes in our own bakery we set out on a mission to make selling cakes online a piece of cake!

Not only do we make showcasing your cake creations online simple and easy we also work to get more people seeing and most importantly, buying your cakes from you.

Here’s how we do it:

Create You A Personal Online Bakery

Each baker that signs up gets their own baker’s page. Here we display all your beautiful cakes that has been added, like a shop window or a catalogue for your business.

Here any customer can browse through for your cakes, read your story and order your cake in a few clicks. This is your own link with your own branding, this can be used as your ‘website’ or if you already have a one you can add your FindTheCake badge to take customers straight to your store.

Your cake pages are made specifically to make your cake stand out and keep ordering simple.

Simple Ordering for Customers & Bakers

For the Baker we’ve made it a breeze and limited all need for intervention. When adding a product the baker enters the size, sponge and filling options available, what dietary options can be met and a production time for the cake. So the baker receives all order information which they can meet and in a timescale that is possible.

We’re bakers ourselves and know the struggles of having enquiries for a next day 3 tier cake etc…

Having a simple and quick page to order from without having to wait for baker responses removes the barrier to the customer, they can order any time of the day when they think about it, freeing up time for the baker and customer and creating a better experience for both. When a customer is searching on FindTheCake they can filter results to the date that they require the cake, so they will know instantly whether you can meet there deadline or not and the cost to them for that.


We Help Local Customers Find You

Firstly I’ll quickly explain how cake searches work. A customer will enter the cake that they’re wanting and where they want it. Our ingenious system will then search through the cakes that we have and show relevant cakes in their area for collection or delivery.

The customer can then filter the results based on the information you’ve entered, production time, categories and shapes. Now where you come in:

You will appear in the search results of the customer when you have a cake that is relevant to their search and you are in the area. For example, if you have the cake “Pink Unicorn Cake for Girls” in the birthday category and the customer searches for “Unicorn Birthday Cake” your up.

Your area is now important, here’s an illustration of who will and will not appear on cake searches.

The Cake Sale

Our product pages have been specifically designed to keep the attention to your cake and make ordering simple and quick. Images are important to the customer as they need to know what they are to expect so we make your images stand out front and centre for the customer.

For more information about your cakes listings, see our How to Sell Cakes on post.

You can upload multiple images for each cake to give the customer a feel of the cake you will create for them.

Ordering has been refined to also limit the number of queries you have to answer which soaks up your personal and decorating time. Pricing has been designed in the same manner simple for the customer and baker.

As a baker, you can also have full confidence that your details and your customer’s details are safe and secure. We continually update and keep on top of all security updates this is also why we recommend communicating via our messaging service. All purchases on FindTheCake are made via ultra-secure servers.

While Baking

Nowadays customer’s love order updates, they like to know what stage their order is at and that everything is on track but unfortunately when baking and decorating multiple cakes this can become a time-consuming process and often put you behind on time.

On simply fill one box on your orders dashboard and the customer will be notified by SMS or email with your update, to notify that the order is complete and ready for collection or delivery simply tick a box. So you can continue with your work, saving time to speak to your customer when you meet.

We’ve also added an order calendar to your baker’s dashboard to easily organise your work. From the calendar, you’ll be able to see upcoming and current orders. The turnaround time that you’ve entered for each cake will be displayed on your calendar so you know when you should start in good time for their receipt.

After Sale

We want to make as many customers for you as possible, more orders for you means more cakes on its a win-win.

First and foremost your customers will be able to review you but we have a new take on the standard review system. Unfortunately, with standard review sites, there isn’t enough incentive to review a good service that you’ve received.

Our solution to cake reviews:

Upon completing your order we ask for you to upload an image(s) of the full completed cake. This can get you featured on our home page and get you more orders and also so we can review the cake.

Your customer will be notified gently via email a few days after receiving their order and again a few days after if they haven’t already. The vast majority of cakes will be happily received and we think you deserve the credit, if your customer does not respond to review requests we assume no news is good news, there is no reason to doubt that it was not received as expected and you automatically receive a positive review. Credit where credit’s due.

We always recommend to communicate solely through if there are any disputes or flags for unfair/inaccurate reviews we can pull up any communications between the two parties and see that there is a fair ending. You get one review per customer.

Providing that a customer has been happy with your cake previously and that you’re active on we want to give you the opportunity for repeat business, luckily many celebrations come around at least once a year! Without you having to lift a finger your customers will be notified 9 months and 12 months later for another cake from you.

Here’s our video featuring Hannah the baker!

Impressed yet?

Analytics for Bakers

Analytics usually refers to technical services that are unnecessarily complex. We’ve made it simple to understand what’s working and what to change.

After making a few sales on FindTheCake, you will be able to see how much has been sold, what your most valuable cakes are and the value of all and each order. You will also be able to see your popular flavour combinations and how many views your cakes are getting. This is to give you an idea of what is working to help you with future decisions on what cakes to sell.

We want to make selling cakes as easy as possible. To further that we’ve recently added two tools to help with pricing and portions on your baker’s dashboard. A recipe cost calculator and a portion calculator.

Featuring Your Cake Shop

We offer many opportunities to get your online cake shop to get in front of as many customers as possible. Our home page is the highest traffic page on the site so the best opportunity is here with three options;

  • Recent cakes added to FindTheCake
  • Our cake story (showcasing recently confirmed sales with baked by “…”)
  • Recent Reviews

So the more activity on FindTheCake for your store the more times you will be featured on our front page.

You can also be featured on our blog, this will be shared on our social media pages and dependant on good content, email newsletter and front page. We’re open to ideas but planned posts include the following subjects

  • Seasonal baking and on-trend cakes
  • Extreme cakes
  • Your baking story
  • How to guides

How being featured on blog posts work, email us with your business name, profile and cake you’d like featured and once accepted we’ll write up the post with your cake store as the credit.