We often see many new and different trends in cake decorating, some are good, some bad. We’re glad the cake reducing geode trend has passed but one not to miss right now is The Fault Line Cake it’s a bit messy but easy to create and opens many opportunities. As you will see below bakers are using them in many different designs.

We’ve recently seen some wonderful fault line cakes with some really beautiful and clever designs. It looks smart, fancy and you don’t miss out on any cake! We’ve put together some great examples found on Instagram and clips on how to create this stunning effect.

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Just want to know how to create the fault line effect?

Here are the fault line cake examples:

Pirate theme fault line
A nice pirate theme fault line cake
Photo Fault Line Cake
Why not add photos to your fault line design?
watermelon fault line cake
A cute watermelon fault line!
pink macaron fault line
Pink fault line cake with macaron filling
Best fault line cake design
Some even took it this far, beautiful
Saucybakes Fault Line
Who doesn’t link sprinkles?!

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How to create a fault line cake:

As you can see in the examples above there are two main types of fault line cakes. One which the fault line reveals flowers/macarons or where there is another without a filling to introduce colour or designs.

Important tip: make the fault line larger than you want it to be, once you smooth the icing over it it will become smaller.

For the filled fault line you will need to make a 3 tiered cake with the middle being at least 2inch smaller to give you a gap to fill. Once you’ve filled your cake or added buttercream to the fault line area you simply just apply a thick layer of buttercream over the top and bottom and smooth over, then simply paint the edging of the line another colour.

Filled Fault Line Video [How to]


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How to Fault Line [Video]