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March 2019 Updates

Ordering is now live! – We’re super excited to announce that customers are now able to place orders online at FindTheCake.

Search by date – Customers can now filter search results by the date required. Find this feature under filters, enter the date you need your cake by and you’ll be shown all the cakes that can meet your timescale. Perfect!

Search bugs fixed – As far as we know all search bugs are now resolved. If you spot any please contact us.

Search radius – You can now submit your collection radius on your searches. Found under filters customers can select how far they would travel to collect their cakes. Cakes that are available for delivery to the customer’s area will be shown in the results unless the customer chooses collection only.

Bakers get paid – In the baker’s dashboard under manage profile, bakers can now submit their account number and sort code, ready to receive payments. Please note if we don’t have this information we can’t forward your payments, add this when you can.

Useful tools – Bakers now have access to some useful tools to make quoting easier, currently featuring a portion calculator and a simple recipe cost calculator. Sign in to your baker’s account and select useful tools to use now.

Delivery radius – As requested from a baker we’ve added 3 tiers of delivery radius allowing a different price for each.

FindTheCake Badge – Add your FindTheCake profile to your site with the new badge on the baker’s dashboard.
Find Me on FindTheCake Badge

Customers can now order quantities of a product – Mainly used for cupcakes to order specific quantities.

Customer Questions – Customers can now ask questions to bakers publically, once answered the Q&A will be shown on the baker’s profile for future customers.

Baker’s stickers – As promised we’ll be sending out free stickers this month to bakers with 15+ cakes “Find me on FindTheCake”.

All products displayed – All cakes will now be shown on your baker’s profile. Previously this was limited to only 10 cakes at random.

What we’re working on

Baker’s holidays – As requested soon bakers will be able to temporarily hide their cakes from searches to either maintain workload or take a well-earned break!

Discounts for quantities – Bakers will be able to offer discounts when customers order larger quantities and set their own quantities.

Internet searches – We’ve not long been submitted to the search engines, soon we’ll start to rank on searches for cakes and bring more traffic to the site.

Emails for bakers – We’ll be testing out marketing emails for your store when a customer has purchased from you they’ll receive an email just under a year later with new suggestions from you. Sneak peek soon.