Here’s a guide of everything you need to know when selling your cakes on FindTheCake. To make the best website for selling cakes we need to be easy to use and fair for the bakers and customers.

To achieve this we need a simple set of rules and procedures that are easy to follow, nothing out the ordinary and nothing complicated.

Quality of Service (QoS)

A quality service is what we all aim to provide. No listing should be inaccurate or in any way misleading. The images and information a baker provides but be a direct indication of what the customer will receive should they place an order, no exception. Bakers shown to be inaccurate or misleading will be removed from the site.

Costs to Bakers

10% commission on sale. This means for a £40 cake your cost is only £4.

To sell cakes on FindTheCake:

  • No payment fees
  • No membership fees
  • No listing fees
  • No advertising fees
  • No joining fees

Receiving Orders

Standard cake listings require accepting by the baker. This is to ensure that the timescale is suitable for the baker and to confirm that the order will be processed. You will also receive the customers comments if any and will be asked to confirm or reply.

No monies are transferred until an order is confirmed by the Baker and customer comments have been confirmed.

For cake orders below £100 your money will be sent within 24 hours of accepting an order. For orders over this value you’ll receive a deposit on acceptance and the remainder once the customer has collected/received delivery of their cake.

Bespoke Cake Orders

Not all cakes are made equal. After seeing the talent from a bakers profile a customer can request a bespoke cake from the baker to meet their personal requirements. Bakers and customers can communicate via FindTheCake and the baker would send an offer for the customer to accept before before validated as a confirmed order.

Automatically Accepting Orders

Customers like a simple and quick process these days and our solution to this is to offer automatically accepted cakes. We recommend Bakers to offer this when possible, preferably a simple cake that you can easily prepare in a short space of time.

To prevent a case where a baker has had an order automatically accepted and doesn’t realise until it’s too late you’ll only be listed when your account is recognised as active. An active account is regularly logged in and has recently updated their store.

Benefits to automatically accepted cakes:

  • More views from customers searching for quick order cakes
  • Receive your money on order
  • More sales due to an added incentive of no waiting for acceptance

Bakers Holidays

If you are going to be inactive for an amount of time and not able to process/accept orders we will need to temporarily hide your account for this period, you will be able to submit a holiday through your dashboard.

Submitting a holiday is a requirement if you sell automatically accepted cakes. If this is an emergency and you have already have orders due for this period of time, a fair solution must be offered to your customer at the earliest time through FindTheCake messaging.

How Bakers Get Paid

Most cake orders will result in the baker receiving their money upon accepting an order. However bespoke cakes and orders above £100 will be a different case, for these orders a baker will receive a deposit once the cake is due for production (due date – turnaround time) and the full amount upon the cake being confirmed to be completed.

Want to Leave FindTheCake?

We remind you that to stay on FindTheCake it is free. However, if you would like to stop using FindTheCake this is no problem simply contact us with your request to delete your account. We will have to check that there are no outstanding orders and we will process this with ease.

If you delete your account you will lose your listings and reviews. We will delete all the information we hold on you in line with GDPR law.

If you’re thinking of returning to FindTheCake, we recommend to pause your account, this temporarily hides your account until you unpause at a later date.


A baker must abide by their local health and safety regulations for handling food to be able to sell on It is the Baker’s responsibility to ensure that any certification is up to date and current.

Data Protection and GDPR

Both Bakers’ and Customers’ data is important, personal and sensitive. We take every precaution possible to keep all information secure.

For this reason, a Baker will only receive the Customer’s information as it is required to be processed for a Customer’s order.

A Baker or Customer can request to see, amend or delete their information at any time but must give at least 24 hour for the request to be processed.

Using the FindTheCake Image

We encourage you to inform your customers that you’re on FindTheCake to do so we’re happy for registered bakers to use the FindTheCake logo and image.

You cannot use the FindTheCake logo when:

  • Not registered or have since cancelled with FindTheCake
  • Considered misleading

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