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Search through local bakers to find the perfect cake within minutes. Compare talent, price and reviews around you and confidently buy cakes online today.

What is FindTheCake?

We make finding a cake a simple process.

You need to know what’s available, at what price and by who to make a good decision.

Currently you may find the perfect cake for an upcoming celebration but that baker is booked up, you go to another but they charge twice as much so finally you ask for recommendations on Facebook and find a cheap alternative only to be let down with the end result. A common issue.

We’ve created a unique solution for this problem. Searching on presents you with the cake you want, local to you and that can be made within your timescale. You're able to compare talent against cost as well as accurate reviews of each baker.

Securely and simply order and your baker decorates for collection or delivery.

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So, how does it work?

Find your local baker

Simply search through local bakers and find the perfect cake near you.

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Order now for any date in future, for collection or delivery.

Take delivery

Enjoy your cake and submit a review on FindTheCake.

Why find the cake?

We’re revolutionising the process of purchasing a decorated cake currently you have to search for a baker, visit or call and hope what you receive matches your vision, this is a jump in the dark and not a good process for a big celebration. Now you’re able to quickly view and compare cakes from hundreds of bakers on talent, price, reviews and distance, all results that you see on are available to you and made to order.

We use a complex algorithm to ensure that all reviews are from genuine customers and that the images of products to be received are accurate. We maintain and monitor our site every day to ensure that ordering with FindTheCake is simple, safe and clear.

For bakers we’re the perfect solution for improving your online presence. In less than two minutes you can set up a profile on FindTheCake for FREE, you will then be able to upload images of your cakes and create products for customers to buy.

You can concentrate on baking and we’ll improve your online presence, eliminating the cost of a website and online marketing while leveraging the advertising from FindTheCake and earning a respected rating on the way.

Our Reviews

Thanku so much for the cake. It was the highlight of the evening and I must say tasted absolutely amazing. You are definately on our top list to now order…

I cannot thank you enough for my birthday cake and producing such a masterpiece! It really was the icing on the cake. I loved my cake table. My vision came…

Thank you for the cake we loved it and everyone said it was the best sponge they tasted Absolutely brilliant job done on my little boys cake. Looked exactly how…


Aww the cake is absolutely amazing, Brian loved it as did everyone else, thankyou so much for making it for me you are so talented would recommend you to anyone…

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